Data Analytics Professional

Internet of Things (IoT) and Analytics courses are an extremely hot area of technology right now for any business undergoing a digital transformation. In this course, you will enjoy being on the leading edge of the technology transformation, solving business problems.

What we will cover:

  • Build and Manage Databases.
  • Effectively structure and organize large quantities of data to conduct high-quality analysis.
  • Identify Dataset Trends.
  • Use a diverse range of techniques and formulas to recognize patterns and uncover relationships between data points.
  • Present Insights.
  • Build visually dynamic dashboards in Tableau to communicate the results of your analysis.

Why Are We The Best?

Our advanced e-learning management system, provides an interactive hub for all your learning activities, making it easy to manage your studies and access a wealth of course material, quizzes, assignments and live classrooms. Best of all, you can log in from anywhere, at any time using any computer or smartphone.

Our teachers are are not just great teachers and motivators – they also have years of real-world experience working in their chosen sector. That means that they can offer the kind of first-hand knowledge that makes the theory come alive and show you how what you’re learning links directly to your own experience in the workplace.

We believe  in providing students with as much real-world experience as possible in an academic environment, by using the business simulators.

You will receive the following industry certifications:

  • Python Certified Associate Programmer Certification (PCAP)
  • Tableu Certificate 
  • Data Analytics Certificate
  • Internet of Things Specialist – Cisco


MST IoT 200   IoT (Internet of Things) – Data Analytics Process
MST CDE 200 Collecting Data & Essential Statistics
 MST TBL 200 Tableau -Dashboards
MST BDC  200 Big Data Business Capstone- Applying the Analytics Process
MST EXL 200  Excel Functions & Lookups
MST BDAP 200  Big Data & Analytics Programing Project

$5,500 per quarter
$10,000 per 2 quarters

Total Program Length– 2 quarters

First quarter: 18 hours/week for 10 weeks = 180 hours
Second quarter: 18 hours /week for 10 weeks = 180 hours

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