Fine Arts in Digital Art and Design

Course Hours: Total 600 hours (2 semesters: 20 hours per week)

Graphic Design program guides you to become an innovative thinker with a mastery of theoretical and practical skills. A faculty of experienced experts in their own outstanding careers instructs you various editorial skills, design concept, animation, and much more. During the Graphic Design diploma course, the students will be able to complete all three* adobe certificate courses, which at the end of the course, student will be able to take the adobe certificate exam. At the end of the course, student will have competency to execute graphic design portfolio. 

Fine Arts in Animation

Course Hours: Total 300 hours (1 semester: 20 hours per week)

Fine Arts in Animation course guides you to become comprehensive professional in a solid foundation in 3D modeling and animation via a sequence of skills in a real-world production setting, including animation production, digital editing, audio, orientation representation, animation language, motion captures, animation techniques, and fluid dynamics in animation design. With the guidance of experienced faculty, you will also design and execute a collective group animation project and/or individual portfolio from conception at the end of the course.


Course Hours: Total 300 hours (1 semester: 20 hours per week)

AutoCAD course guides you to explore the commands and features of AutoCAD software to produce, edit, save, and print drawings which possess multiple lines, geometric curves and constructions, and to be proficient in utilizing various features of AutoCAD that automatize the drafting process and expedite the drawing accuracy in a shorter timeframe and administering accuracy of dimension, drawing notes and designs using symbols known by various standard organizations. Throughout the course, you apply features of AutoCAD software to produce three-dimensional and isometric models.