Language & Professional School


Mega Science of Technology (‘MST’) was founded by a group of prominent international corporate executives and entrepreneurs. MST has a record of educational innovation, integrating cutting-edge science, arts, and teacher trainingpractices with traditional science, arts, and teacher training curricula. The campus is located in the heart of New York business environment, where students learn challenging curricular.

We, the members of the Mega Science of Technology Community, take pride in ourselves and in our Institution. To that end, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and professionalism in all that we do. We recognize that excellence in teaching and learning flourishes in an environment where each of us is free to express our ideas in ways that recognize and respect our differences. We are committed to celebrating the rich diversity of all members of the campus community and the community at large. Therefore, in an effort to attract and retain exceptional students, faculty, staff, and administrators who will continue the wonderful tradition of the school, we actively support behavior that is consistent with the values shared by the Mega Science of Technology community.


Mega Science of Technology is a private career institution offering students a range of academic programs to prepare them for entry-level to professional positions in technology, business, and teacher training.  In these programs, Students have the opportunity to gain a global business and technology education, along with professional trainings in order to prepare students to attain academic, personal, and professional excellence in a multicultural and global society.