Complaint Policy

Mega Science of Technology encourages all students to openly discuss any questions or complaints they may have related to school’s academic affairs and management with the staff of Mega Science of Technology.

  • If a student has a complaint, he/she should first inform the office manager, an agent or instructor. The agent or instructor shall discuss the problem with the student and try to find an appropriate way to resolve it. If the issue is with an instructor, the student should first go to the instructor in an attempt to resolve the issue.  If the issue is with school operations or policy, the student should go to the office manager.  If the problem is not resolved, the agent (or student) can report the problem to the School Director by submitting a student complaint form. 
  • The School Director will arrange a meeting with the student and any related school staff and try to resolve the problem. The meeting will be documented by the School Director, and both parties will be given a chance to present any facts or proof relative to the complaint.  The School Director will attempt to bring resolution to the complaint.  In case the student is still not satisfied with the solution, he/she should contact the President in writing.
  • The President will schedule a meeting with the student, staff members, and School Director in an attempt to solve the students’ complaint. The President will document the meeting, including the outcome and resolution.
  • If the student still is not satisfied, he/she has the right to send the complaint in writing to New York State Education Department.


Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
New York State Education Department
116 West 32nd Street, 5th Floor
New York, NY 10001


This procedure is explained to students at student orientation and is also found in the Student Handbook and school catalog.  When the School Directors and/or the President have a meeting regarding a complaint, he/she will document the meeting in the form of a narrative.  A copy of the narrative is placed in the student’s folder, and one copy is kept for school’s records. In the event that the student makes a formal complaint with the New York State Education Department, school obtains records from NYSED of all pertinent paperwork and places copies of that paperwork in the student file and school’s records.