Student Services

Mega Science of Technology offers a variety of student services to its students.

On-site Student Orientation for all new students is conducted last Friday before the students’ first day of class.  Based on the individual’s academic objectives, the student is offered advice on curriculum and course selection by the school administration team. The purpose of orientation is to better familiarize students with the school environment and to provide important information necessary for successful course completion.  This is also an opportunity for students to ask questions about the school, curriculum, and hand in any final registration documents.  Family members are welcome to attend. During the orientation, a copy of School Catalog will be distributed to all prospective students.  In addition, upon request prospective students will receive a digital copy of School Catalog via an email. The administration team will review the School Catalog with the student and answer any questions the student may have.  The student must sign a School Catalog Acknowledgement Form acknowledging receipt and comprehension of the information contained in the School Catalog.

Mega Science of Technology has office managers/directors available to answer policy and regulation questions.  The managers are available from 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Monday through Friday, and can be reached by telephone at (212) 776-0777, or via email at Emails are checked on a daily basis. Students will also be provided academic advising/testing, and advising on college admissions upon request and given a list of instructors’ names, email addresses and courses taught.

Mega Science of Technology students will be issued a photo ID upon registration.  To request an ID, students should contact the administration team as soon as they are registered for classes.  Students should carry their IDs with them at all times while in attendance at the school.  Mega Science of Technology student IDs entitle students to any applicable benefits which students receive.  Applying for the first student ID card will be at NO cost.  If the ID card is lost, each additional ID will cost $10.00.  The student ID entitles the student to discounts with any company that offers discounts to students currently enrolled in school.

Student Enrollment Agreements and payment records shall be kept for a maximum of 7 years. Student final grades and transcripts shall be kept for a maximum of 20 years.

Within 20 years of the date of his/her graduation, a student may request that Mega Science of Technology supply an official (sealed) or non-official transcript.  A Transcript Request Form must be completed by the student.  There is a $10 charge for each transcript.

If the school is no longer in business, transcripts will be delivered, stored, and can be requested to BPSS/NYSED.

At the time of this publication, Mega Science of Technology does not supply student housing. However, students may contact aMega Science of Technology Agent to find out about NYC housing information, such as related websites, etc. 

Mega Science of Technology does not provide students with any type of health insurance.  We strongly recommend that each student obtain an individual insurance policy in case of illness or emergency.  There are serious consequences that can be associated with lack of health insurance.  During Orientation, each student will be given a referral list which will contain the names and addresses of places where he/she might be able to obtain health insurance. If a student needs additional referrals, the administration team will be glad to assist the student with that.