Course Hours: Total 180 hours (1 semester: 18 hours per week)


Course Description:

TESOL Certificate course is focused on theories of teaching English to Speakers of Other languages. In this course, students will learn about methodologies of teaching different aspects of the English language, classroom management, and English teaching principles.

TESOL Certificate with Intensive Practicum

Course Hours: Total 360 hours (2 semesters: 18 hours per week)

Course Description:

Along with learning the diverse teaching methodologies including the use of various technologies in the classroom, English teaching principles, and classroom management, TESOL Certificate with Intensive Practicum course heavily focuses on practicum- student teaching, by preparing prospective English teachers to move from understanding theories about learning to applying those theories in the classroom, for the prospective teachers with zero or little experience of teaching to be proficient in English language teaching before they move to the workplace. In this course, you will work on the classroom teacher to develop your teaching professionalism.